Our little story

What is ScoreNow?

ScoreNow is business unit of Pandara Sports. Pandara Sports was formed at the end of 2013.We are a company of event professionals who has over 20 years of experience in sports and event management. Specializing in endurance events such as running, triathlon and adventure sport, we strive to provide race timing service with accurate result for our clients and participants.

Why ScoreNow?

Its all because we are using MYLAPS which is the most acurate sports timing and live performance insights to timers. We use bibtag system (powered by MYLAPS) to minimize the logistic, extermely user-friendly for participants, and also flexible which is usable for any kind of sports such as Running, Cycling, and Multisport

Bibtag System

The BibTag is attached to the back of the runner’s BIB number and sends out a unique signal. Each tag sends out a unique UHF signal that enables the detection mats to identify the athlete and record the exact time at which the athlete passes the mat. The tags are designed to withstand rain and sweat as the mechanical part of the tag is covered by a foam spacer.

BibTags are designed to be disposable in order to minimize pre and post-race handling. The tags don’t need to been collected, sorted, cleaned, recharged and stored: participants can take them home as a souvenir or simply toss them away. Still, when required, the tags can be collected and reused at the next event.

MultiSports Tag System

MyLaps proudly presents MultiSports Tag. These tags are owned by timers or events and handed out to athletes at an event. We offer two versions of the MultiSports Tags, a disposable and a reusable one. The reusables can be collected, washed, stored, and used again after every event. Both tags feature the same benefits, but the reusable tags are made from longer-lasting and easily cleanable materials.

The MultiSports Tag is designed and optimized for triathlons and mud runs and works with the MYLAPS BibTag timing system. The tags can be worn under a wetsuit: results are guaranteed since they have 3 integrated timing tags.